Welcome to AsthmaCPG: Asthma Care Per Guidelines!

Patients/Families with Asthma
Providers/Provider Groups caring for Asthmatics

Patients, families, providers, and provider groups- all can do better with asthma care!!!!!

I think we can help.

I have cared for asthmatics for over 20 years- helped thousands of families with their asthma care. I want to share this with you and your family. Most importantly- I highly recommend you sharing our findings with your provider… we should not trust anyone on the internet!!! 🙂

There is a lot to caring for someone with asthma! Personally, even when I think I know this disorder- there is something new or different out there that I read or experience that makes me feel ignorant!!!

WHAT GUIDELINES? Our main sources are 2 references:

  1. National Asthma Education and Prevention Program (NAEPP). Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of asthma: Expert Panel Report 3(EPR3). National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI); 2007
  2. Guidelines Implementation Panel Report for: Expert Panel Report 3- Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma (GIP Report). 2008

All full references can be found in the ‘Reference’ Page.

We are following the core themes regarding asthma care in the GIP Report (p.7):
1. Communicate- get the message out on a broad scale to all audiences, including both patients and providers, in a variety of settings.
2. Systems Integration—designing and coordinating messages for essential players up, down, and across the operational tiers of a given health system as well as across multiple health systems; and, strengthening linkages between health and community systems.
3. Patient/Provider Support—identifying the tools, techniques and other resources that would enhance guidelines implementation.

Required legal talk: We are not recommending any one medication, brand, or therapy. We are not advertising any medications. We are only giving guidance per established asthma guidelines. We do not know you- your medical provider knows you- you have to seek all your medical care through them. Any questions or concerns- speak with your medical provider! We cannot order any medications for you or your family (see more in ‘legal’ page).

You can alway reach us at AsthmaCPG@gmail.com

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