Consider asthma as a diagnosis if you have ANY of these:

  •       Troublesome cough, particularly at night/early in the morning
  •       Awakened by coughing
  •       Coughing or wheezing with/after physical activity
  •       Breathing problems during particular seasons
  •       Coughing, wheezing, or chest tightness after allergen exposure
  •       Frequent colds and/or they last longer than normal (3-7 days)
  •       Relief when certain medication is used (‘reversible’)
  •       Wheezing sounds during normal breathing
  •       Hyper-expansion of the chest with chest x-ray
  •       Increased nasal secretions or nasal polyps
  •       Atopic dermatitis, eczema, or other allergic skin conditions- or in your family
  •       Cough relief with albuterol/Xopenex (SABA)

Like Jeff Foxworthy’s comedy… ‘You may be an asthmatic if…’


Common mistakes made by ALL in caring for the asthmatic:

  1. Confusing the medications
  2. Running out of medications
  3. Not using a spacer
  4. Not following-up with your provider
  5. Restricting people with asthma from X
  6. Not increasing/restarting medications with cold/cough/illness
  7. Waiting for wheeze to restart albuterol/Xopenex/SABA
  8. Not remembering(or in denial) that the person has asthma

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