Providers/Provider Groups

Welcome Providers! I do not want to waste your time- let’s get to the point!

The vast data for the primary care providers are overwhelming. We have limited time with patients and their families in their care. I have created a program to navigate the asthma guidelines in an efficient, easy to use layout. This program was developed after I started an asthma group appointment project. I needed a program to navigate the guidelines efficiently- and provide a concise entry for the EMR. I had to outline the plan for the referring providers. The program gives specific NIH guideline direction on how to optimally treat our asthmatic population. The program is very easy to run- my nurse does most of the navigating/documenting- I can quickly cross-check her entry. The program has included helpful , nonintrusive guidance. Its specific purpose is to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs associated with the treatment of asthma.
I call the program the Asthma Assistant.
What most providers like most about the Asthma Assistant is that it is a helpful tool in a familiar format- referencing the stepwise approach to the care of asthma per the EPR3 Guidelines. The program walks the provider through an asthma visit, adhering strictly to the guidelines. It also ‘does the math’ for providers with suggesting or converting inhaled corticosteroids(ICS) and different doses- for the different ages of patients. No other product does this so smoothly. No more seeking each key component from different references to get your answer! You will be impressed!!!


Feel free to arrange a demonstration- either in person or across Skype.

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Think about how long it would take a provider to do each of these:

1. 7yo change from flovent 110mcg/puff taking 2 puffs BID changing to Qvar 40 or 80?

2. What medication and amount would you chose for a 4yo with 3 days/week symptoms of asthma, h/o 2 rounds of oral steroids from ER ‘bronchitis’?

3. What ‘step’/dx would you give a 13yo with nighttime awakening with cough and ACT score of 18?  (does that step/dx call for low/med/high ICS?)

4. How long would it take you to add to the EMR encounter discussion of asthma action plan, allergy testing, influenza vaccine recommendations per established asthma guidelines?  (I wonder how much that adds to the note/documentation for the coders)

This will: Save you time.  Make a better note. Increase the coding of your charting.  Give you confidence in following the asthma guidelines.

Perfect tool if your group is aiming for NCQA certification… WE CAN HELP!



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